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New Issue of This Is Fly – Today

Just got my E-mail notification telling me a new issue of This Is Fly is out.

Check it out!



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Tennessee fishing in June

Check out Franco in Tennessee.

From what I understand this river is in the backyard of his girlfriends father’s house.

Thanks Franco!

More info from Franco: The owner said this creek gets fished 1 or 2 times per year from friends. All browns, bows, and brooks are native. The largest brown pulled out of there was 28″ by a 5 yr old about 3 years ago with a live cricket?! There are some pretty large water snakes that will spook ya if your not paying attention. I ran across 1 that was probably 3 ft and it scared the heck outta me. I was so intent on getting out of its way I didn’t even think to take a pic! This is family property and has been held for more than 150 yrs and I was the first to fish it with a fly! Can’t wait to do it again soon!

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Fly Fishing the Owens

De’ and I were able to get some fly fishing in on the Lower Owens, just outside of Bishop, only to be met with throngs of people, bitter cold winds and an unexpected reservoir spill which nearly ruined the fishing for both of us on Saturday, but not our spirits.  Always chasing after the next adventure, we redoubled our efforts starting early in the wild trout section for a few unfruitful hours then headed up to the Upper Owens.  What a contrast!  Mild temperatures, gentle breezes, partly cloudy skies and easy wading made for a perfect closure to the trout opener weekend.  It was nearly a non-stop bite fishing upstream in the seams using a #18 gray crystal zebra midge on 5x tippet.  I caught and released 15 for the weekend.  Here are a few pics for the masses.  Enjoy!


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We Topped last months number in Hits!

Thanks to all our readers and twitter followers!

We closed out the end of the month with a record number of hits.

Closing April out with 3119 Hits.

We B ChillN

We B ChillN

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Bishop – Kamikaze Run II – Video

The video is now up!

To give you some background, We capture are footage with digital cameras and since their was only two of us, it makes it hard to capture those moments when the line rips out of the water, but we do what we can.

A word about our editor. He’s an upcoming video editor that does freelance editing if you like what he did shoot him an E-mail

Enjoy our video!

embedded by Embedded Video

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Bishop Run II

I thought I’d post some pictures of our run up to Bishop, while the video is still being cut…

For those of you that went to the Trout Opener in Bishop, you know it was cold and you probably know the current flows were fast and the water level was high.

That being said Fishing sucked on Saturday; Which was good for us as it weeded out most if not all the other Fisher-Person’s. Like I said Saturday was almost a flop, The exception was when we left the lower Owens and headed off to Pleasant Valley (where we ended our day). Sunday was a productive  day with awesome weather on the upper Owens.

Check out our Pics

Be sure to check back for our video!

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Trout Opener – Bishop Kamikaze Run II

We are still preparing our pictures and video

Check Back later for the details on our run!

More to come…

BB The Trout Hunter!

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Making New Friends – Roughfisher


Rough fish (or the slang trash fish) is a term used by U.S. state agencies and anglers to describe less desirable fish within a region or country. The term usually refers to fish that are not commonly eaten, not sought after for sporting reasons, or have become an invasive species that reduce the populations of desirable fish. Link

Now that you know what the term Rough Fish means, Allow me to introduce Straight out of Minnesota Jean-Paul Lipton stalks his prey.

Jean-Paul has a wealth of knowledge in stalking Rough Fish and has some great content on his site.

check it out!




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Fly Fishing the East Fork of the San Gabriel River

Did some fly fishing with De’ earlier this week.  What an amazing treasure we have right here in our back yard! Take good care of it and it will last for generations to come.

I caught and released seven beautiful wild rainbow trout using a size 18 olive zebra on 6x tippet with a small strike indicator.  I was also successful on a small PT nymph.  The takes were quick and subtle so I had to pay close attention and strike on anything that looked out of the ordinary.   I basically fished the seams, ripples and runs trying my best to achieve a drag free drift.  I saw a few takes on top but not enough to warrant tying on a dry fly.

We spent a better part of the morning up there and our only company was a few gold-diggers on the first mile of the river and an occasional group of hikers further up.   I believe we were the only ones fishing on that water.  Just the way I like it.   The water is still plenty cold and waders are a must, in my opinion.  It’ll be a little while till we can start to wet wade again.  Here’s a few pics for ya. I took ’em with my new  Pentax Optio W60.  It’s waterproof and IMHO, fly fishing approved!  Thanks for stopping by.



Average size wild trout

De'Angelo drifting a wet fly

A view from the river

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The Urban Fly Fisher

While cruising the web I ran across another Urban Fly Fisher, Check out his site!

He’s based out of the U.K and has some awesome content!


You can also find a link to his site in my links window.

Tight Lines!

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