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Impromptu Trip to Bishop March 2014

We’re at it again!

Heading to Bishop in the morning. Wish us tight lines!

More to come…

macs trout

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High Sierra Outfitters – Lone Pine

On our way into Lone Pine we stopped in to get some local info on hot spots. Dan of High Sierra Outfitters Hooked us up with some Maps and knowledge and offered us some killer deals on fly’s as well as Buck knifes.. YES I said Buck….

Not Only do we Fish, But we Hunt!

If your ever in Lone Pine, Pay Dan a visit. He has good info, prices and he just a good down to earth person.

130 South Main Street
Lone Pine, CA 93545

(760) 876-9994

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Trout Opener – A Time to Fish!

It’s been looong over due, but it’s time for us to get out and fish. Both BB and I have been busy and unfortunately haven’t had much time for fishing..

I hope that with the dust settling we can get back to some serious fishing again..

Who ready for the Trout Opener? I know I am…..


Tight Lines!

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Tell Me Have U Seen the Marvelous Breadfish???

If you haven’t seen the breadfish, you need to follow this link!


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Blue River – Silverthorne Colorado

So on our last day in Colorado we decided to hit Blue River, This place was amazing!

The day started out at 56 degrees @ 7am and quickly hit 88 by 10am, water is super clear and very healthy, making for some good size fish!

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Colorado Carping

BB and I decided to try our hand at Brownlining in Colorado, with that in mind I took it upon myself to reach out to James from Primal Fly.

If you follow Primal Fly then you know James has left Colorado and started a new chapter in Florida, fortunate for us his crew is still in Colorado and his legend lives on!

James was kind enough to put us in touch with M. Gracie (a legend to us..)

After talking with Gracie we decided to meet up and try our hand at Carping; While trekking out to the secret destination we stopped at Discount Flies.

When we walked in I noticed a guy behind the counter with a Primal Fly shirt on, after talking to him I find out it’s David Luna from the Primal Fly Crew.

David gave us the low down on the carp and gave us insight on to some techniques we didn’t know about, after being skooled we headed out to meet up with Gracie.

Here are some pics of the area we fished.

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UrbanFlyy Hits Denver!

We Finally Hit Denver! I have to say Denver Definitely Rocks!

Here’s a video I shot of BB Fishing the Platte River.

More to come…..


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Moar “Golden Trout” in the OC!!!!

I had a few hours to play hooky today so I went back down to that honey hole in the OC with the “golden trout”.  Well they were all there with their tails in the air but they were considerably pickier today.  I must have snagged at least ten of ’em just trying to put the fly in front of their face. LoLz.  Finally got one to take and it was well worth the price of admission!   This sucker took off so fast it burned my fingers on the fly line and then knocked my thumb with the reel handle. ARGH!  When he finally slowed down enough, trying to pull on him was like trying to lift an anchor with my fly rod.  I’ve never seen my rod do that.  Dang!   I was cringing the whole time think it was gonna break on me.   HA!  The only way I could gain some ground this sucker was to hop in the river and start making my way toward him.  I took up about 30′ of line splashing around in there (sure felt good, it was freakin’ hot today) and then we just sat there playing tug-o-war for a couple of minutes!!  He finally relented and I was able to slowly bring him home.  Here’s the prize.   He was a little smaller than the last but he had way more kick!  Got the burn marks and bruises to prove it!   WHAT A FIGHT!  Thank you!  MOAR!!!!!!


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Lunch Time Excursion San Gabriel River

We decided to scout out more of the San Gabriel River for some Carp action, but failed to see any lurking around..
We did however hook some Sun Fish.. check it out

all video & photo’s were taken with an iPhone and uploaded on site!

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Sun Fish

Sun Fish 2

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Tennessee fishing in June

Check out Franco in Tennessee.

From what I understand this river is in the backyard of his girlfriends father’s house.

Thanks Franco!

More info from Franco: The owner said this creek gets fished 1 or 2 times per year from friends. All browns, bows, and brooks are native. The largest brown pulled out of there was 28″ by a 5 yr old about 3 years ago with a live cricket?! There are some pretty large water snakes that will spook ya if your not paying attention. I ran across 1 that was probably 3 ft and it scared the heck outta me. I was so intent on getting out of its way I didn’t even think to take a pic! This is family property and has been held for more than 150 yrs and I was the first to fish it with a fly! Can’t wait to do it again soon!

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