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Monday at Hot Creek

I’m behind on my posts but who can blame me? Time flies when you’re having fun!

Enjoy the fish pr0n.









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First Trip to the Sierra’s Planned..

It’s been too long since we’ve posted here. Life tends to get in the way of adventure and such, but NOT this year. I’ve made a pact with myself to get out and fish/adventure at least [publicly undisclosed] times this year and I plan on making good with that pact.

So far my fishing partner and I have been out to Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet, which was interesting, to say the least, since lake fly fishing is new territory for us. We were skunked but that is expected with unknown waters. Hopefully, next time, we’ll have figured out what the fish like and slay ’em.

For February we intend on fishing the good ol’ Owens river. I’m excited to get out again! Let’s hope the fish are jumping. As usual, we’ll post pics and reports from the river once we get out there.

Tight lines!



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UrbanFlyy Hits Denver!

We Finally Hit Denver! I have to say Denver Definitely Rocks!

Here’s a video I shot of BB Fishing the Platte River.

More to come…..


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Fly Fishing the Owens

De’ and I were able to get some fly fishing in on the Lower Owens, just outside of Bishop, only to be met with throngs of people, bitter cold winds and an unexpected reservoir spill which nearly ruined the fishing for both of us on Saturday, but not our spirits.  Always chasing after the next adventure, we redoubled our efforts starting early in the wild trout section for a few unfruitful hours then headed up to the Upper Owens.  What a contrast!  Mild temperatures, gentle breezes, partly cloudy skies and easy wading made for a perfect closure to the trout opener weekend.  It was nearly a non-stop bite fishing upstream in the seams using a #18 gray crystal zebra midge on 5x tippet.  I caught and released 15 for the weekend.  Here are a few pics for the masses.  Enjoy!


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