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Bishop Report March 2014

Happy to say the weather was good today. It stayed around 58F with moderate cloud movement overhead.

Double “B” hit the river and had a taker on the first cast, pulling in a nice brown!

I jumped in around the bend and was greeted with a voracious bite, a bent rod, and a nice brown on the dry.



Wish us luck tomorrow!

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Impromptu Trip to Bishop March 2014

We’re at it again!

Heading to Bishop in the morning. Wish us tight lines!

More to come…

macs trout

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Bishop Report Feb 2014 – Day 1

As I said in the previous post, here are some pics from Day 1. Weather was about 45-48 F by noon and trout where feeding on a BWO hatch. Lots of takes on the dry, I was not disappointed.

Photo1 photo 3 photo 4 photo 2

Video Link
Fish Jumping

Should have more pics soon!

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Bishop Report Feb 2014 – Day 2

I’m posting this a little backwards starting with Day 2.

Fishing in Bishop this weekend was awesome! Dry fly fishing in winter (yes. I said dry), need I say more?!

Fish were rising for a few hours each day and slurping up the hatch so they were incredibly eager to gobble up our offerings.

As an added bonus, no one was on the river. Either due to the cold weather or maybe because it was Superbowl Sunday. Regardless, it was great for the two of us.

On to the fish porn…more pics soon.

BB on the prowl

BB_Catch01 BB_Catch02 BB_Catch03

Forgot to mention no flies (or fish) where hurt during the making of these pics.

#18-#20 BWOs for the win!

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HWY 395 Bound!

Tomorrow we venture back out to Lone Pine, in search of waters not explored.

Wish is luck.

Pictures to follow after the trip.

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Trout Opener – A Time to Fish!

It’s been looong over due, but it’s time for us to get out and fish. Both BB and I have been busy and unfortunately haven’t had much time for fishing..

I hope that with the dust settling we can get back to some serious fishing again..

Who ready for the Trout Opener? I know I am…..


Tight Lines!

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Happy Holidays from UrbanFlyy

Happy Holidays!

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Extra Pics from our Bishop Trip

Just found some more pics from our last trip.. Enjoy


embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube Direkt

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube Direkt

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Bishop Day 2 – What the Hell are we doing?

We got up early and amp’d, only to ask ourselves “What The Hell Are We doing Wrong?”

Waterflows were High and Fast, The Hatch became stagnant.. pretty much killing off all activity we had on Friday.

I think between all ( 5 ) of us, we pulled in or hooked about 6-7 trout.. maybe tomorrow will be better.

Anyhow check out some pics


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So Here We Are!

It’s been awhile, Geez I can’t remember how long,…..

Anyhow we made it to Bishop with plenty of fishing time, despite getting pulled over, stopping at Manzanar, and Culvers Sporting Goods.

Check out some Fish Porn, I should have some video clips up shortly.

I’m sure your curious as to what they are eating right? Well here’s a sample we took from a catch.

More to come!


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