Browns! Oh My….

Last Week BB hit Bear Creek… To his surprise found some Browns!

Awesome considering where we live and the location being about 1hr away….

Tight Lines!

Why? Cause it’s flyfishilicious!

I recently came across a cool site called flyfishilicious,  like us she; (That’s Right I said She!) post’s some awesome reviews, videos and her adventures in in the world of Fly Fishing!

She also a lot of cool things going on and is a big supporter in conservation.

Stay on top of the site; It’s running rapid with updates!

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Crystal Lake

Thursday we headed up to westfork rd for some flyy action, On our way up we noticed signs saying that crystal lake cafe was open and quickly detoured over.
Once we got to the camp grounds we were greeted with blocked roads that lead to the lake, from here we hiked.

We found nice clear water with growth surrounding the diminishing waters at around 10-15ft. From the shore.
Bass would jump from time to time but we had no luck.






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Line to Leader – Followup to the L2L Connectors

I tend to get a lot of emails and comments in regards to the Scientific Anglers L2L connector system; Which is no longer produced. I thought I’d share a couple of products that I’ve found that do the same thing for about the same price.


Bass Pro’s Fly Line to Leader Cast Connectors  – $3.79 for a 6pk


Cabela’s Leader Links – 3.49 for a 5pk


I hope this helps out those that have asked for or need the re-connectors.

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Lone Pine – We Want MOAR!

Saturday Morning, We drove to Lone Pine/Independence to Fish, We ended up coming home Skunk’d….

Despite the info and good locations, We just couldn’t land them. Weather was a cool 70 degrees with clear skies..

Hopefully Our next trip out will be productive, until then enjoy the pics..

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High Sierra Outfitters – Lone Pine

On our way into Lone Pine we stopped in to get some local info on hot spots. Dan of High Sierra Outfitters Hooked us up with some Maps and knowledge and offered us some killer deals on fly’s as well as Buck knifes.. YES I said Buck….

Not Only do we Fish, But we Hunt!

If your ever in Lone Pine, Pay Dan a visit. He has good info, prices and he just a good down to earth person.

130 South Main Street
Lone Pine, CA 93545

(760) 876-9994

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HWY 395 Bound!

Tomorrow we venture back out to Lone Pine, in search of waters not explored.

Wish is luck.

Pictures to follow after the trip.

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Trout Opener – A Time to Fish!

It’s been looong over due, but it’s time for us to get out and fish. Both BB and I have been busy and unfortunately haven’t had much time for fishing..

I hope that with the dust settling we can get back to some serious fishing again..

Who ready for the Trout Opener? I know I am…..


Tight Lines!

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Happy New Year!

Let’s Start 2012 With Tight Lines!

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To All My Followers – Thank You!

I know this site has been dead for awhile, but stick with me.  As the dust settles with changes in my life The Fishing will again Commence!

Things to :

New Locations

New Outtings

New Adventures

Maybe Hunting