BB and I decided to try our hand at Brownlining in Colorado, with that in mind I took it upon myself to reach out to James from Primal Fly.

If you follow Primal Fly then you know James has left Colorado and started a new chapter in Florida, fortunate for us his crew is still in Colorado and his legend lives on!

James was kind enough to put us in touch with M. Gracie (a legend to us..)

After talking with Gracie we decided to meet up and try our hand at Carping; While trekking out to the secret destination we stopped at Discount Flies.

When we walked in I noticed a guy behind the counter with a Primal Fly shirt on, after talking to him I find out it’s David Luna from the Primal Fly Crew.

David gave us the low down on the carp and gave us insight on to some techniques we didn’t know about, after being skooled we headed out to meet up with Gracie.

Here are some pics of the area we fished.

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