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Fly Fish Tour!

Get Your Tickets!

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Line to Leader – Followup to the L2L Connectors

I tend to get a lot of emails and comments in regards to the Scientific Anglers L2L connector system; Which is no longer produced. I thought I’d share a couple of products that I’ve found that do the same thing for about the same price.


Bass Pro’s Fly Line to Leader Cast Connectors  – $3.79 for a 6pk


Cabela’s Leader Links – 3.49 for a 5pk


I hope this helps out those that have asked for or need the re-connectors.

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HWY 395 Bound!

Tomorrow we venture back out to Lone Pine, in search of waters not explored.

Wish is luck.

Pictures to follow after the trip.

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Trout Opener – A Time to Fish!

It’s been looong over due, but it’s time for us to get out and fish. Both BB and I have been busy and unfortunately haven’t had much time for fishing..

I hope that with the dust settling we can get back to some serious fishing again..

Who ready for the Trout Opener? I know I am…..


Tight Lines!

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To All My Followers – Thank You!

I know this site has been dead for awhile, but stick with me.  As the dust settles with changes in my life The Fishing will again Commence!

Things to :

New Locations

New Outtings

New Adventures

Maybe Hunting

BYOR – Build Your Own Reel!

How awesome is this?

Now you can build your own reel..

Check em out here


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you from the UrbanFlyy Crew!

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May Issue of This is Fly! Check it out

The May Issues of “This is Fly” is out!

Check it out


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Saturday & It’s Raining….(boredom)

Well i just got finished doing some tile work and now I’m bored.. to top it off it’s raining..


Oh Well, Lets bring back some memories…enjoy!

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This is Fly!

For those not aware, thisis fly has posted their latest issue.. Check it out!

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